Elastoplast Performance Knee Brace x 1

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Elastoplast Performance Knee Support helps to provide strength, protection, compression and support to stiff, weak, painful or injured knees, for example conditions like runner's knee. It gives a moderate level of support during sports and other activities.

  • Dynamic Recovery Knit that stimulates the bloodflow, thereby enhancing recovery.
  • Flexible Fabric that moves with your body for ultimate comfort and flexibility.
  • Pressure Reduction Pad that helps to relieve the pressure on the knee during movement.

How to Use

1. Pull the support up your leg, toes first. The label should be on the front.

2.Pull the support over your knee, place the patella inlay around your kneecap. Make sure the inlay surrounds your kneecap.

3. Pull the support up your leg until the additional stabilizers are symmetrically on the left and right of your knee joint.