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HRT Prepayment Certificate
Eligible patients across England can receive a year’s supply of menopause treatments for the cost of two single NHS prescription charges.

In England, about 15% of women aged 45 to 64 use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to manage the symptoms of menopause. In a bid to improve access to these medicines while reducing costs, the government has introduced the HRT prepayment certificate (PPC).

The new certificate will allow patients in England to pay an annual charge in exchange for 12 months’ supply of NHS prescription medicines.

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What is the HRT PPC?

HRT PPC is a newly launched certificate that will help people in England who are experiencing symptoms of menopause to access and save money on medicines.

For a one-off payment of £19.80, patients will be able to order and collect as many HRT medicines as they need for 12 months. The certificate is equivalent to the cost of 2 single prescriptions.

What medicines qualify for the HRT PPC?

A variety of HRT treatments are covered by the HRT PCC. These include tablets, patches that you apply to your skin, and other topical treatments like gels that contain oestrogen.

You can find the full list of qualifying medicines on the website.

Will I have to pay for non-HRT prescription items?


Although eligible patients can save on HRT medicines using the HRT PPC, they will still be expected to pay prescription charges for non-HRT medicines. However, if you are regularly prescribed a non-HRT medicine alongside an HRT treatment, you could still benefit from the cost savings that come with an HRT PPC. This is because the overall cost of your HRT medicines will be reduced.

Your pharmacist may ask you to get two separate prescriptions from your GP so that they can correctly dispense your medicines to you.

Alternatively, they might dispense your HRT and non-HRT medicines at the same time. If they do, they will charge for all items and fill out a refund form for the HRT item. Any refunds you are eligible for must be claimed within 3 months of buying your prescription items.

How do I apply for an HRT PPC?

Applying for an HRT PPC is simple.

Visit the NHS Business Services Authority website or your local Well Pharmacy to apply. You’ll be able to use your HRT PPC from 1 April 2023.

How do I use my HRT PPC?

When you’re ready to collect your prescription, show your pharmacist your PPC. They’ll accept either a digital or paper copy.

They’ll also ask you to fill out an exemption declaration.

How long does the HRT PPC last?

Your HRT PPC will last for 12 months.

Contact your local Well pharmacist or the NHS Business Services Authority to find out how you can renew it.

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