Nominating a pharmacy

Cut out trips between your doctor and pharmacy

We'll let you know when your prescription is ready

Get medicine reviews from your pharmacist

Save time with your prescription

If you collect your prescription from a pharmacy, we can save you time by arranging for your GP to automatically send your prescription to your nearest Well pharmacy. This means you can:

  1. Order your prescription as normal
  2. Receive a text message when your prescription is ready
  3. Reduce your waiting time for your prescription
  4. Collect your prescription at a time that’s convenient to you, from your nearest Well Pharmacy.
Things to note

If you sign up to any of our prescription services, such as 24/7 prescription pick-up, we'll get in touch with your GP to let them know that Well is your nominated pharmacy. We have to do this in order to offer you the service.

At the moment, pharmacy nominations are only available in England.

You can choose any one of these options to arrange for your prescriptions to be sent to us

Speak to a member of our pharmacy team

We can nominate Well Pharmacy on your behalf and arrange for your prescription to be sent directly to us.

Nominate us through the NHS app

Log in to your NHS app, go to ‘Prescriptions’, nominate a pharmacy, then enter your postcode and select your nearest Well.

Nominate us through your GP

Ask your GP to send prescriptions electronically, directly to us.

Find your local Well Pharmacy