Information about NHS prescriptions

Find out everything you need to know about prescriptions, including costs, whether you need to pay for your prescriptions, and how we work with the NHS.

You can get NHS prescriptions from your doctor's surgery, dentist, or some hospital departments. These can be one-off prescriptions, or a repeat prescription, where you take the same medicine over a longer period of time.

In England, your GP can send your prescription to your pharmacy electronically, so you don't have to take a paper copy of your prescription into the pharmacy. Many GP surgeries will also let you request your prescription online.

Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Prescriptions in England currently cost £9.65 for each prescription item.

Prescription costs

Find out more about the price of prescriptions, who does and doesn't have to pay for their prescriptions, and options to help manage the cost of your medicine.

Side effects

Find out what to do if you experience side effects from any medicine you're taking, including how to report side effects through the Yellow Card Scheme.

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How we work with the NHS

Learn more about how we work with your GP to make sure you get your prescription medicine. You can also find out about how we work with the NHS to improve the health and wellbeing of people across the UK.