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More about contraception

Contraception helps to prevent pregnancy. It can also have other benefits, like making your periods shorter or less painful and improving hormonal acne. If you’re thinking of trying contraception or you just want to know more, we have information that can help.

Types of contraception

There are many different types of contraception. There are hormonal and non-hormonal options, and many different forms. Some last for a long time, some you need to take every day and some you need to use every time you have sex.

The mini pill

The mini pill is a little different from the traditional combined pill. It only has one type of hormone that makes it work. This means it can be a good option if the combined pill isn’t right for you.

How to choose

It can take some time to find the right contraception for you. It can depend on what you want out of your contraception and other aspects of your health.

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