Online clinic

Our private prescriptions and subscription service

We offer a safe and trusted online clinic service so that you can get the prescription medicines you need without the hassle of a trip to the doctor.

Prescription medications are products that cannot be sold without a prescription. At Well, we have prescribing pharmacists who have completed additional training to allow them to prescribe some medications to our patients and customers.

We use online consultation forms to get the information the pharmacist needs to make a decision about whether or not the medication you're requesting is safe and appropriate for you. These consultation forms have been designed by UK doctors and pharmacists.

How it works

Begin to get your prescription online by heading over to our Online Clinic. We provide a range of treatments to address several conditions as well as confidential consultations with our pharmacists.

In most cases, our pharmacists will be able to approve your prescription request based on the information you provide in the online consultation. Occasionally, they may need to contact you for more information.

Step 1

Complete your online consultation for your private prescription.

Step 2

Choose a treatment and checkout. We'll ask you to create an account when you check outyour order.

Step 3

A clinician will review your order and , if the treatment is suitable, we'll post it to you.

When do you take payment?

Although we ask for your payment information when you check out, we don't take payment until the pharmacist has approved your order. If we're not able to prescribe a treatment for you, we won't take the payment.

If there are other items in your order that either don't need approval or are approved, we'll recalculate your order total and take payment before dispatching the order.


Our subscription service gives you the best value for money on medication and treatments you take regularly that need approval from a pharmacist.

If you need your medicines to be delivered every month, it can help take the hassle out of ordering your online prescription.When you subscribe for repeat orders, we'll deliver your prescription to your door when you need them.

If you need multiple prescription items, an NHS Prepayment Certificate may also help you save.

Start saving today by signing up to our subscription service

Online consultation

Your subscription will need approval from a pharmacist, so before you get started you’ll need to complete an online consultation.

Choose a product

After completing your secure and private online consultation, we'll provide you with suitable medication options to choose from.

Create an account and checkout

To purchase a subscription you’ll need to create an account with us.

Monthly health check

Each month, before we dispatch your medication we will email you to check nothing has changed with your health since your last delivery. This is so that we can make sure it's safe for you to continue taking your medication.

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