NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)
The NHS PPC helps you enjoy savings on the medicines you need.

Designed to help patients in England save money on their prescriptions, the NHS PPC offers you set prices for unlimited prescriptions. If you buy more than 3 prescription items every 3 months, or 11 items every year, you could benefit from applying for the PPC.

Buying a PPC online or with a registered pharmacy allows eligible patients to prepay for an unlimited number of prescriptions.

If you use HRT, the HRT prepayment certificate can also help you save money on your treatment.

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How to register your PPC with Well Pharmacy

When you buy products online with Well Pharmacy, you’ll be prompted to share your exemption details with us at the checkout.

If you’re buying in-store, show your pharmacists your PPC certificate to avoid paying for your prescription items.

How much does a 3-month PPC cost?

A 3-month prescription is £32.05 from the 1 May 2024. It is a great way to save as you can order as many prescription items as you need within the period of time you have it. So, if you order more than 3 prescriptions over a 3 month period, having a PPC will save you money.

How much a 12-month PPC cost?

If you need a PPC for longer than 3 months, a 12-month PPC is an alternative that will help you save year-round.

An annual PPC is £114.50. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for your PPC in 10 instalments. This can be paid by Direct Debit.

How much does an NHS PPC cost?
From 1 May 2024 prescription charges per item will be £9.90. Ordering prescription medicines can be expensive – particularly if you frequently reorder. But with a PPC, you can access repeat prescriptions at lower prices.
Prescriptions per month Savings with a 3-month PPC Savings with a 12-month PPC
2 £27 £123
3 £57 £241
4 £86 £360
Who can use a prepaid prescription?
The PPC is only available to patients in England. If you have an ongoing need for prescriptions, you can check the NHS website to see if you are eligible.
How do I apply for a prepayment prescription certificate?

Buying a PPC is easy. Simply visit the NHS website to begin your application using an online form. You’ll be asked to share some details about yourself to make sure you qualify for it.

Alternatively, you can talk to your local pharmacist. They should be able to help you to apply for your PPC.

How do I renew my NHS prescription prepayment certificate?

If you pay for your PPC by Direct Debit, it will be automatically renewed in its final month. Your new PPC will begin immediately after your old one has expired, with payments taken on the same dates as your old PPC.

The NHS will contact you to let you know when your PPC has been renewed. You should receive confirmation by letter or email.

Some people won’t qualify for PPC autorenewal. This includes:

  • People turning 60 within 90 months of their current PPC’s expiration
  • People whose PPC is paid for by someone else
  • People who haven’t paid the full balance of their PPC.
  • If you don’t fall into one of these groups but have noticed that your PPC hasn’t been renewed, contact the NHS helpdesk.

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