Vaccination services

Find out everything there is to know about the Well vaccine service

Vaccines protect us from illness and disease.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care through our vaccine service. Find out which vaccines we offer and where you can get them from.

Vaccination services at Well

Travel vaccinations

Searching for some sun or booking a trip of a lifetime?

Make sure you are up to date with all required vaccinations to enter the country!

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Covid-19 vaccination

Getting the Covid-19 vaccination is the best defense against the virus. Find out where you can get your Covid-19 jab here.

  • Helps prevent catching Covid-19
  • Reduces symptoms and avoids hospitalisation if you catch the virus.
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Shingles vaccination

Shingles happens when the varicella zoster virus that lies dormant in your body suddenly reactiveates. Shingles can cause unpleasant symptoms. Get vaccinated today to help protect against the virus.

  • Suitable for anyone over 50
  • Helps stop you from a painful illness.

Find a vaccination clinic near me

We operate 760 local pharmacies across the UK. Find your nearest Well pharmacy.

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