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Medicated weight loss

Online clinic

Medicated weight loss

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Why buy from Well?

  • Simple online consultation process
  • Tailored support from expert clinicians
  • Fast delivery to your door or local pharmacy
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How it works

Start an online consultation

To get started, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your health. This will help us to identify medicines that will support your weight loss goals.

Select your treatment

When you’ve completed your consultation, you’ll be able to select a medicine that’s right for you.

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Talk to one of our pharmacists

We’ll deliver your medicine in discreet packaging so you can take your treatment in the comfort of your home.

Get your medicine delivered to your door

Find out more about our online ordering service for longer term medical products or appliances.

More about weight loss

Losing weight can seem overwhelming. We have information about living a healthy lifestyle that can help. If changing your diet and exercise routine hasn’t helped you lose weight, there are also treatments available.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Maybe you’re not sure whether you’re a healthy weight. Or, you might want to know how to eat right and have a more active lifestyle. Read our resources below to learn more.

Weight loss myths

There is a lot of conflicting information about how to lose weight, and a lot of misinformation too. The NHS puts some of the myths about losing weight to rest.

Sustainable weight loss with Wegovy

If you aim to hit weight loss milestones, making changes to your lifestyle is essential. Medicines like Wegovy can fit into your weight management programme to help you achieve lasting results.