Elastoplast Protective Ankle Brace x 1

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Elastoplast Protective Ankle Support helps to provide support to weak, sprained or broken ankles and helps to provide protection from further injury. It gives a moderate level of support during activities and the level of compression can be adjusted to your personal needs.

  • 360° Support Technology that provides wraparound support and stability to the wrist.
  • Dynamic Pressure Adjustment that reduces overstraining to relieve pain.
  • Thermo-Tech material that provides warmth to support circulation and recovery.

How to Use

1. Place foot sole on the support ensuring the smooth side faces skin and in a way causing a longer strap on the outer side and a shorter strap on the inner side of the foot.
2. Cross support left & right towards arch, forming a loop and attach the shorter strap to the support.
3.Wrap the longer side of the strap all around ankle in a figure-8 shape and attach. Adjust tension to desired comfort and support.