Paingone The Original Tens Pen


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The Paingone Pen and Paingone Plus are portable TENS pens that uses a low-frequency electrical charge that triggers your body’s natural defence mechanism against pain. It differs from a normal TENS machine due to not needing any leads, pads or gels. That makes Paingone - The original TENS pen, is a safe and simple device to help reduce your pain - anywhere, anytime. Over 2 million people worldwide are using the Paingone pen and its success speaks for itself.the Paingone Pen truly portable, and something you can keep with you throughout the day.

Pain Relief at the click of a button, Hand Held TENS Pen, No Leads Pads or Gels, Use anytime anywhere


Not suitable for: pregnant women, those fitted with pacemakers or implanted electronic device, those with epilepsy, or severe heart arrhythmia