Pharmacy services

Pharmacy First Scotland

Get advice and treatment for minor ailments without having to visit your GP
What is Pharmacy First Scotland?

Pharmacy First Scotland service is designed to help people living in Scotland access health care quickly without waiting for a GP appointment.

The Pharmacy First Scotland service helps you get treatment from your pharmacist for the following conditions:

Acne Diarrhoea Mouth ulcers
Allergies Earache Sore throat
Athlete's foot Eczema Pain
Backache Headache Period pain
Blocked or runny nose Head lice Threadworms
Cold sores Hemorroids (Piles) Thrush
Constipation Hay fever Warts
Cough Impetigo Verrucas
Cystitis (in women) Indigestion

If you think you have one of these conditions, you can have a private consultation with one of our pharmacists. They can support you with advice tailored to your needs and suggest treatments to help manage your symptoms.

To be eligible for this service, you must be a Scottish resident and be registered with a GP in Scotland.