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Common Ailment Service Wales

Get a quick, tailored assessment of your minor health concerns at your local pharmacy
What is the Common Ailment Service?

The common ailment service is designed to help people living in Wales access health care from their pharmacist without waiting for a GP appointment first. The in-store-only service will give you access to support and treatment whenever you need it.

The common ailment service helps you get NHS advice and treatment from your pharmacist for the following conditions:

Indigestion Chickenpox Verrucas
Constipation Threadworms Back pain
Diarrhoea Sore throat Vaginal thrush
Haemorrhoids (Piles Athlete's foot Oral thrush
Hay fever Eye infections Scabies
Head lice Mouth ulcers Ringworm
Teething Acne  Intertrigo  (redness and swelling caused by skin-to-skin friction)
Nappy rash Dry eyes Ingrown toenails
Colic Dermatitis

If you think you have one of these conditions, you can have a private consultation with a pharmacist at your local pharmacy, and they will help you find a suitable treatment. If necessary, your pharmacist can make an onward referral to another medical professional.

To make use of this service, you have to be in Wales for at least 24 hours after your pharmacy consultation.