Jude Underwear French Cut Beige

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Not your usual incontinence pants. Jude’s knickers are designed to hold 8 teaspoons of urine. Get on with your day feeling secure, dry and odour-free.

  • Absorbs leaks in 1-3 seconds

  • Absorbs 8 teaspoons of urine = 40ml

  • Waterproof seams prevent side leaks

  • Feathery soft, breathable and odour neutralising

  • Machine washable

Whether you wear them under yoga pants or a skirt, our underwear is super discreet and ultra thin whatever you choose.

How to Use

Firstly, pre-rinse the urine out of the underwear. Then place the pants in your machine and select ‘cold delicate wash’. Avoid using fabric conditioner (it will affect the absorbency right when you'll need it!) Line dry outside or in a humidity-free environment. Finally, never iron or tumble dry our pants!

To get the best from your leak-proof pants, please ensure you follow the key washing instructions! ( it really does affect how long they will last)

If you do, they will last 2 years for general use and keep there absorbency efficacy - A more sustainable and longer lasting solution, to managing your leaks!