SURI Replacement Toothbrush Heads Morning Waves 3x Heads

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SURI recyclable plant-based heads are made from cornstarch, with bristles derived from castor oil.

The brush heads feature a unique array of medium/soft bristles designed for optimal interdental cleaning. They have just the right of firmness to easily whip away plaque and food, while still being gentle on sensitive teeth and gums.

SURI toothbrush is clinically tested and shown to remove 100% more plaque vs a manual brush.

Please Note: Our heads are only compatible with SURI toothbrushes.

Key features:

  • Pack of 3 SURI toothbrush heads
  • Made from recyclable plant-based materials, cornstarch and castor oil
  • Medium/soft bristles, ideal for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Unique wave-shaped bristle pattern for optimal interdental cleaning