SURI Electric Toothbrush Winter Fern Brush

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SURI toothbrushes use recyclable plant-based heads and bristles, the slim aluminium body is designed to be taken apart and repaired, all while delivering a dentist-approved clean.

It's quiet, powerful, and the battery lasts over 40 days.

  • Sustainable rituals without compromise.
  • Plant-based heads
  • Free Recycling (UK/US)
  • Aluminium Body
  • Clean & Polish Modes
  • Repairable Design
  • 40+ Day Battery Life

Does the brush head rotate?

The brush uses sonic cleaning technology and has a high vibration (33,000 per minute) to create an effect called “fluid dynamics” which lifts plaque off your teeth. The technologies are different and recommended by different dentists worldwide - both highly effective and neither superior to the other. Note our brush can feel more gentle on your teeth and gums than an oscillating brush at times, however, it still provides a very effective clean.

Is there a pressure sensor?

We don't have a visible pressure warning but have two speed modes and medium/soft bristles which provide an effective gentle clean.

Is your head compostable?

Our head is made out of sustainably sourced cornstarch and the bristles castor oil.