Health advice

How we create our health information

We write accurate and well-researched content

We know how important it is to find medically accurate health information online. That’s why evidence-based research is at the heart of our content production process.

All of our content is written based on information from trusted health organisations, registered charities and reliable studies.

We also conduct user research, to make sure our content addresses the health topics that matter to you.

Our content is reviewed by professionals

Before we publish our health information, it is clinically reviewed by a licensed healthcare professional.

To keep our content up-to-date, they conduct robust reviews of it every 3 years. Evolving or emerging topics are reviewed more often.

Publication review dates are listed at the bottom of each content page.

We are PIF Tick accredited

The Patient Information Forum (PIF) is an independent body that assesses organisations who produce health information.

The PIF TICK shows our content follows a rigorous content production process.

PIF require all members to follow 10 criteria.

They are:

  1. "Information is created using a consistent and documented process
  2. Staff receive ongoing training and support
  3. Resources meet a genuine need
  4. Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence which is communicated clearly
  5. Users are involved in the development of information
  6. Information is written to meet health and digital literacy, language and accessibility needs of the target audience
  7. Information is clearly communicated, easy to access and navigate
  8. There is a clear process for users to provide feedback
  9. Information is promoted to maximise reach
  10. The impact of information is measured.”

You can read more about PIF requirements on their website .

We create respectful and inclusive content

We aim to produce health information for everyone. We value all of our customers, and we want our language to reflect that.

When we produce health information, we consider how the topic may affect people differently depending on traits such as age, sex, disability, ethnicity and digital literacy. This impacts how the content is researched, written and designed. We only refer to these traits where it’s relevant to the content.

We want to work with you

We are always looking for ways to improve. If you have feedback on one of our health information pages, you can use the feedback pop-up on the right of the page.

You can also email us at

We’d love to work with you on our health advice pages. We are looking for members of the public to help us review our content. Whether you have experience of a health condition or just want to take part, we’d like to hear from you. Email us to find out more.