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National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month. Walking has benefits for both your physical and mental health. It can help support weight loss, improve your mobility and energy levels as well as reduce stress and anxiety. You don’t need to go on long hikes, a 10-minute brisque walk daily is enough to see some benefits.

Walking doesn’t have to be a chore. If you have a hectic schedule, try to add walks to your routine whenever is most convenient for you. You could walk to the shops or drop your kids off at school – it all counts.

It’s important that you stick to it. Walking with a friend, listening to music or taking the time to switch off from your daily routine might help to keep you motivated. You might even want to join a walking community.

Just make sure that if you go on longer walks you are well prepared. Comfortable shoes, water and snacks will help keep you hydrated and energy levels high.

Couple walking in nature.

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We want you to stay safe and informed. Though products are rarely recalled, we want you to know when they are.

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