Enterosgel Kids

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Diarrhoea Relief For Children

Enterosgel Kids is intended for the symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhoea. The product works by binding bacterial toxins, viruses and other harmful substances in the gut that can cause diarrhoea, then completely expelling them from the body in the stool.By helping to eliminate the cause of diarrhoea, Enterosgel Kids effectively reduces stool frequency and the duration of diarrhoea.

How to use

Mix with a glass of water.

One tube is enough to treat one child’s course of acute diarrhoea.
Safe for use in children from 1 year upwards
CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use ENTEROSGEL® if: – you are currently taking modified-release orally administrated medications. – you have intestinal atony (severe constipation due to bowel obstruction) or intestinal blockage. – you have intolerance based on prior use of ENTEROSGEL®. KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS: Constipation, nausea. PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDING: ENTEROSGEL® can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is advisable to consult with your healthcare professional if you are unwell during pregnancy or breastfeeding. PRECAUTIONS: ENTEROSGEL® may affect the absorption of some medicines that are administered orally – use ENTEROSGEL® 2 hours before or after taking oral medication. If you are taking any medication, you may wish to consult with your doctor or pharmacist regarding taking ENTEROSGEL®. ENTEROSGEL® should be administered orally between meals. In case of long term diarrhoea you should consult a doctor to obtain a diagnosis of the underlining condition before taking ENTEROSGEL®. In children, treatment of diarrhoea should be accompanied by plenty of fluids which may include an oral rehydration solution (ORS) to avoid dehydration. In adults, it is advisable to consume water or an ORS during the treatment with ENTEROSGEL® to assure proper hydration. If diarrhoeal symptoms persist for more than 2 days you should consult your doctor. If there is fever, blood in your stools, signs of dehydration, six or more episodes of diarrhoea in the last 24 hours, diarrhoea and vomiting at the same time, or a severe or continuous stomach ache, seek medical advice especially in the case of children as soon as possible. No clinical data is available on ENTEROSGEL® use in the first trimester of pregnancy. Please, consult your doctor before taking ENTEROSGEL®. Do not use after expiration date. Do not use if package is damaged. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not exceed the recommended duration of treatment and do not take together with meal to avoid possible vitamin or nutrient deficiency. Please, consult your doctor if you are currently taking other intestinal adsorbents, for example treatments which contain activated charcoal, clay, kaolin. Your doctor may advise not to use them
70% polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate, 30% purified water