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What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis causes your sinuses to swell up.

Your sinuses are empty spaces behind your cheekbones and forehead. They play an important role in protecting you against injury and bacteria.

Sinusitis is often caused by an infection, like cold or flu, or allergies. It usually goes away on its own in a few weeks, but medicines can help manage your symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of sinusitis are:

  • Pain in your face
  • A headache
  • Mucus from the nose
  • A high temperature
  • A blocked nose
  • Reduced sense of smell.

How can I get treatment for sinusitis?

If you think you have sinusitis you can get free support by accessing Pharmacy First at your local Well Pharmacy. The service allows you to get support and treatment (if applicable) from your pharmacist.

You don’t need to book an appointment. You can just head into your nearest branch and ask for help with your symptoms. A member of our team will assess you and recommend self-treatment or prescription medicines if you need them.

Pharmacy First is free. You’ll only need to pay for your prescription if you don’t have an existing exemption.

Who can access Pharmacy First services for sinusitis?

Anyone over the age of 12 can access our Pharmacy First service for sinusitis.

If your child is younger than 12 and needs support for sinusitis symptoms, please contact your GP or call 111. Your GP will be able to advise you on the best treatment approaches for your child.

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